An exclusive gathering of financial minds in the luxurious surroundings of Bali, Indonesia.
Join us engage and collaborate with experienced institutional traders at this unique event
Taking your trading & investing to the next level.
From 20 January to 3 February

The Trading Summit in Bali is a 10-day event taking place at a luxurious all-inclusive resort with high level interaction between Investment Professionals, Financial Engineers, Traders . This event is unique in that it provides opportunities for both furthering education and collaboration with financial-focused individuals. The two weeks long retreat will focus on advanced Trading and Investing in an alternative and relaxing setting.

The networking side of this summit will open the door to collaborate and compare strategies, explore potential partnerships and make huge waves in the financial markets.
This will be a very exclusive event limited to a maximum of 30 attendees in order to guarantee high quality and personal attention.
The 1st Trading Summit is focused on the following goals:
  • Sharpen skills with experienced and successful traders by learning advanced Technical Analysis & Money Management techniques.
  • Educate 'Financially Independent' individuals on how to best self-manage their trading accounts, or how to invest it with professional money managers.
  • Connect talented traders with individual developers & financial engineers experienced in automating trading strategies.
The cost of attending this unprecedented event is 0.5 BTC and includes all accommodation.
If you are interested in bringing your significant other, who doesn't plan on attending the educational workshops, this person can join you for an all inclusive holiday at NO EXTRA CHARGE
Please reach out for discounts in case two attendees are looking to share an ocean view suite, villa with a private pool or a larger two bedroom villa for 3+ members of a team.
* Airfare is not included
* The Financial Summit has the right to decline applicants.
* Refund Policy: Upon completed payment, if a cancellation is needed, you can request an 80% refund up to 45 days before the event date & a 50% refund up to 7 days before the event date. Registrations will close on November 15th, 2019 and all sales are final.
Of the participants
and environment for advanced traders
Days of relaxation in one of the most beautiful resorts in the Indian Ocean
Hours a day of intensive training and complete immersion in trading
Practical information and unique trading strategies
At the summit, we will focus on the main thing - real-time trading and the most effective strategies for successful TRADERS
In one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. Your number will be a cozy bungalow in the shade of a palm grove, outside the Indian ocean and a beautiful beach.
You will get acquainted with delicious national cuisine, take a swim in the open ocean while sailing, take up your favorite sport.

All conditions are created here so that you can relax and work qualitatively on improving your trading with one of the best traders of our time - EXCAVO.
Location: Bali Indonesia
Igor Sydorenko
CEO - Well Automated Trading Systems- Quantitative Trading Boutique
CEO - Neurons Lab - AI Consulting company
Ph.D. Candidate in Finance
5+ years of experience in portfolio management
and algorithmic trading both traditional markets and cryptocurrencies
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Real time trading
You will not only select coins per sheet and write a script for each instrument (when you enter a position where to put a stop, calculation of the size of the take, etc.).

Together with Eugene Loza and a group of strong traders, you will immerse yourself in real-time trading to see for yourself the effectiveness of new techniques and techniques.

After you will find a detailed analysis and analysis of your transactions. This will help to identify and eliminate all the weaknesses of your trade.
Only in this way you can achieve maximum results and reach a higher level of income in trading.
For 15 days you will be surrounded by successful traders and like-minded people.
This is an opportunity to gain new experience and knowledge, as well as exchange contacts for further communication.

And most importantly, you will learn about the unique trading strategies of other traders and will be able to put this knowledge into practice.
The key difference of this event is that it will be fully devoted to practical work and real examples.
No basic information for beginners! The training program that awaits you at the Trading Summit is entirely dedicated to higher-level trading.

And this: real-time trading, analysis of your transactions, elimination of errors right at the seminar and access to a new level of trading.

Resort Accommodations & Amenities:

Rooms are designed with colorful theme and elegant backdrop amidst dashes of vivid colors with the touch of contemporary interior designs. Each facility features individual concept, from international restaurant to a stylish lounge, and pool side bar with innovative and generous selections of cocktails, beers and wines.

  • Luxurious accommodations at one of the most exclusive resorts in Bali
  • Use of the resort's private pools and beaches
  • 24-hour complimentary non-alcoholic beverages
  • Complimentary cocktails and spirits after 5PM in all resort restaurants & bars
  • Complimentary mini bar, stocked daily, with beer and soft drinks
  • Complimentary daily tea, served in the resort's own beach cave
  • Complimentary 60-minute massages in the privacy of your own accommodations
  • 24-hour gym and yoga studio

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      Taking your trading & investing to the next level.
      An exclusive gathering of financial minds in the luxurious surroundings of Bali, Indonesia.
      Join us engage and collaborate with experienced institutional traders at this unique event

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